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License Renewal
December 29, 2011

Today I renewed my PE License. This simply involves paying some money to the CA Board of Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists.

However, I never got a notice in the mail informing me of this charge. Luckily I remembered, just days before having to pay the late penalty, or worse.

PE License Card


Crocker Art Museum
December 18, 2011

This afternoon I went to the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. After hearing a musical performance I wondered around the art exhibits and found a sculpture of Bender from Futurama.

Tim and Bender


HAFOO Bowling
December 16, 2011

This afternoon, a few of us at work we were invited to go bowling with some DWR folks at County Club Lanes, in Sacramento. Our team score wasn't high enough to make the second round, but it was a lot of fun. Below I am posing with the winners trophy. The winning team had a 4-person team score exceeding 700 points in their final round . . . wow!

HAFOO stands for Hydrology and Flood Operations something, which is a specific branch of the Department of Water Resources.

HAFOO Bowling

Country Club Lanes

Fancy Feast
December 14, 2011

Yesterday I watched a personal development seminar on DVD, and one way a person suggested to motivated themselves was to eat dog food if they don't face their fears. I thought this was a funny, but I also thought it could be really effective. I couldn't find any canned dog food, so I bought Fancy Feast cat food. It's kind of a joke, but kind of not. I hope to never have to eat this stuff.

Fancy Feast

Dovewood Court
December 8, 2011

Perhaps the best single street for Christmas lights in the Sacramento area is at Dovewood Court in the city of Orangevale. Every single house had a very strong light display, and many of the homes had a certain theme to their display.

Dovewood Court Christmas Lights

Dovewood Court Christmas Lights

Dovewood Court Christmas Lights

Dovewood Court Christmas Lights

Christmast Lights
December 3, 2011

This afternoon I put up the Christmas lights on my back patio area. Then I proceeded to explain some light-hanging strategy in my lastest blog entry at Optimal Graphics.

Hanging Christmas Lights

November 24, 2011

Just a few pictures of my beautiful family from Thanksgiving.

Nelson Family Thanksgiving

Nelson Family Thanksgiving

Nelson Family Thanksgiving

Nelson Family Thanksgiving

Nelson Family Thanksgiving

Aerobie Pro
November 23, 2011

This afternoon at lunch break I made an emergency visit to Big 5 to pick up a couple Aerobie Pros. These things fly like crazy and are perfect for a post-Thanksgiving day throwdown at Foothill Middle School!

Aerobie Pro

Expresso Book Machine
November 8, 2011

This evening I attended an information session at the Sacramento Public Library about their newest piece of equipment, the 'Expresso Book Machine.'

This machine prints and binds entire books quick and easy. The print cost on this machine is higher than I pay through my current publisher, but I am still in favor of the machine and I'm sure many people will take advantage of it.

The majority of the information session was questions and answers about how first time authors go about getting their book pritned. After writing my first book earlier this year I could have answered most of the questions asked.

Expresso Book Machine

Sacramento Occupy
November 6, 2011

I finally got around to checking out the Sacramento Occupy. It seemed pretty lame. About half a dozen tents were set up, and about 30 speople just sitting around acting weak and helpless.

I say they were 'acting weak and helpless' because I listened in on a discussion and the group moderator asked the males in the group to discuss ways men have oppressed women. Haha. Wow, what is this? Gloria Stinem emasculation training?

These people need to find work, or create work for themselves. Nobody is better off when weak people sit around and complain. This movement isn't doing anything, even the mayor doesn't mind the occupy protest.

Sacramento Occupy People

Sacramento Occupy Tents

UC Davis Football
November 5, 2011

This afternoon my dad and I went to the Cal Poly - UC Davis Football game. Eventhough Cal Poly is a much better team, they had an off game, and let the Aggies win for once. The refs decided to call a ton of penalties on Cal Poly.

I was good to hang out with my dad some. It was also fun to smuggle in my umbrella, which you can see inside my coat, in the first picture below! :D

Timmy J at UC Davis Football

UC Davis Marching Band

Fighting Allergies
November 2, 2011

This evening I attended a talk by Dr. Benoit Tano, an expert allergest. Since moving to Sacramemento about a year ago, my allergies have been really bad, and I've been looking for a solution. Tano gave a great talk, and I have a few new ideas to try before moving somewhere else.

Dr. Benoit Tano    Nasal Spray

Subjective Reality Workshop
October 23, 2011

For the past few days I've been in Las Vegas at the Steve Pavlina Subjective Reality Workshop. This was my very first personal development workshop, and it was AWESOME!

The subjective perspective on reality is a very different way to think about reality and it can be a powerful way to restructure one's beliefs as a way to improve their life. It took 3 full days to explain subjective reality, so I will not try to describe it here.

Below is a picture of me with Steve Pavlina, and the second photo is of me and Marwan, a friend I met at the workshop.

Website Header

Tim and Steve
Here I am with Steve Pavlina.

Tim and Marwan
Here I am with Marwan.

Las Vegas Strip
October 21, 2011

This evening I took a stroll down the Las Vegas Strip and snapped a few pictures of the nightlife here.

Las Vegas Boulevard



Hoover Dam
October 20, 2011

I took a helicopter ride over Hoover Dam today and took a number of great photos. This was may first helicopter ride and it was really cool.

Hoover Dam Helicopter Tour

Hoover Dam Helicopter Tour

Hoover Dam Helicopter Tour

Coloma Gold Rush Days
October 8, 2011

This morning I headed up to the Coloma State Park and walked through their "Gold Rush" display of tents and shops purposed to give the look and feel of 1848. I also enjoyed a nice hike in the adjacent hills.

Coloma Gold Rush


Urban Cow Half Marathon
October 2, 2011

This morning I watched the Urban Cow Half Marathon in Sacramento. The course begins and ends in William Land Park, which is near the Sacramento Zoo. I'm not in shape for a race right now, but maybe next year I'll try this one out.

Urban Cow Logo

Urban Cow Start

Cookie Wars
September 24, 2011

At work, it turns out that two people are selling cookies on behalf of their younger family members, as a fundraiser for local schools. I couldn't help but join the fun. I teamed up with Cookie Monster and we've been making the best cookies ever!
View PDF

Cookie Wars Flyer

Civil PE Exam . Com
September 23, 2011

Did you just find an awesome Civil PE Exam reference website? Yup!
For the past week I've been working on a new website, CivilPeExam.Com!

This site will serve as an index of resources helpful for someone studying to pass their Civil PE exam. The site contains references to books, videos, classes, and more. I will link to this site from Engineering Videos with a "Resources" link.

Below are images of the website header and book index page, respectively. Click an image to link through.


Book Topics

Vegas Vacation
September 14, 2011

Next month I'm taking a 4-day vacation to Las Vegas. On Thursday I plan to tour the Hoover Dam. On Friday through Sunday I'm attending a Subjective Reality Workshop put on by Steve Pavlina, who blogs about various personal development topics. It's going to be awesome!

Hoover Dam

Subject Reality Workshop

Def Leppard
September 11, 2011

Tonight I'm going to the Def Leppard concert at the Wheatland Ampitheater. Here is a video of a previous concert from a few months ago.

Def Leppard

Def Leppard

September 11th
September 11, 2011

Today marks 10 year anniversary of the September 11th attacks. To me, the "official explanations" for the attacks don't make much sense. For example, office fires don't cause steel to melt, the owner of WTC 7 said they planned to demolish the building, and there was no evidence of a plane at the Pentagon (allegedly Flight 77) or near Shanksville, Pennsylvania (allegedly Flight 93).

These days I'm not as political regarding 9/11; I've found it hampers my success with making friends. But the truth about 9/11 is important, and it is better to think critically and side with truth, than be a coward and believe something just because it is convenient or popular.

Lastly, the whole mantra of "never forget" implies "never forgive." We should forgive the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks, regardless of who is responsible, and move on.

World Trade Center Towers

Madrid Building

Tower Squib

Juice Feast
August 30, 2011

Today marks the end of my week-long "Juice Feast." For the past week I have not eaten any solid foods, I have only drank water and juice. The juice has been a combination of juice I made from my juicer (see below), and store-bought juices.

Three major purposes of the fast are to cleanse the body, to allow the tummy some time off, and to practice self-discipline. My last week-long juice feast was in 2009, and earlier this month I decided I was ready to do another one. I sometimes do shorter (1-day or 2-day) juice feasts more frequently, but a 7-day feast requires a more focus and effort.

I refer to the fast as a "Juice Feast" because I prefer to focus on feeling grateful for having juice to drink, and not focus on feeling deprived of food. I like to think of my cup as being half full, half full of juice that is.

Any physical discomfort I experience during the fast also keeps me mindful of those in the world who routinely don't have enough to eat, which is good to think about sometimes.

In the spirit of the juice feast, I also made an optimal graphic which ranks different fruits and vegetables I might use when making my own juice. In case you're curious, apples and carrots went 1, 2.

Omega Juicer

Surveying Practice Problems
August 18, 2011

Today is the big day of my first book, Surveying Practice Problems. The book contains multiple practice problems to help those who are preparing to pass their professional licensing examinations.

The book is self-published, and currently selling on Amazon. The book took about 4 months to write, and it was a good challenge for me.

Tim and Book

Book Cover

Second Saturday
August 14, 2011

I finally made it to Second Saturday (SS) last night. At SS, a couple blocks of 20th Street are shut down to traffic and venders come set up and sell their goods. There is also live music, and plenty of onlookers, as you can tell from the picture below.

Second Saturday is, believe it or not, on the second Saturday of each month, from about 6 or 7 to around 10 or 11. I'm not sure about the exact time, but I showed up just before 8 p.m and there was plenty of activity. The event is located on 20th Street near J or K Street.


August 11, 2011

This evening I started a WordPress account and wrote my first blog for my Engineering Videos site.

Over the next few weeks and months I plan to tinker around with different backlinking strategies with the ultimate intent to improve page rankings and increase site traffic.

And WordPress is just the tip of the iceburg.


SFMP Database WARS
August 7, 2011

Some jokes just keep getting funnier, and the 'Death Star' database I'm dealing with at work is no exception.

Over the past few days, I spent about 20 hours (total) putting together a trailer for a movie contrasting 'Death Star', a largely disfunctional database, with, 'Donghai's Database', a very sophisticated and impressive database and map application.

I didn't even go to bed last night - I worked from 10 p.m. last night to about about 10 a.m. this morning. So much fun! :D

View The Video Here

SFMP Database WARS

Liferay and Death Star
August 3, 2011

'Liferay' is the name of a database management system that I am using at work (first image below). The only problem is that it doesn't work very well. Needless to say, CH2M Hill was behind the development of this marvelous nuisance.

Therefore, me and a few collegues refer to the program as 'Death Star.' I even created a sitemap for someone to navigate through the database's structure (second image below).

Liferay Website

Death Star Site Map

University of Tetris
July 25, 2011

I just wanted to let everyone know that my teaching position at The University of Tetris has turned out to be a really good job. Loving every minute of it!

Website Header
Professor Nelson
Here I am in action earlier this semester.

PE License
July 21, 2011

In yesterday's mail I received an engineering article my mom sent me. The article is entitled, "The Power of the PE License". I liked it so much I also posted it on Engineering Videos. Thanks Mom!

(click the image below to read the article)

Ravers Fantasy Piano

Ravers Fantasy Piano
July 16, 2011

Over the past few weeks I learned 'Ravers Fantasy' on the piano.
Click the image below to view the recording on youtube.

Ravers Fantasy Piano

SFMP Training
July 14, 2011

Today and tomorrow at work I am attending a Statewide Flood Management Planning Program, as part of the Department of Water Resources's Flood Safe Initiative.

The training provides us instructions about how to gather information about flood protection, planning, risk and infrastructure, which will be one of my projects over the next couple months.

SFMP Training

Ravers Fantasy
July 11, 2011

I started learning a new song on the piano called 'Ravers Fantasy.'
Also, I created a Facebook Fan Page for the song.
Click here, or click the image below to link to a YouTube page of the song.

Ravers Fantasy

Donna Hartley
July 6, 2011

This evening I went to hear motivational speaker, Donna Hartley. After surviving the March 1, 1978 airplane explosion at LAX, her life was focused on becoming the best person she could be, and help others do the same. Her website is http://www.donnahartley.com.

Donna Hartley

Airplane Fire

American Burger
July 1, 2011

This evening I made a surprise visit to the American Burger restaurant in Pacific Grove for some salsa dancing with some old friends and some new friends.

Tim and Maria


Summerfest 5k
June 26, 2011

This morning I ran in the "Summerfest" 5k in north Sacramento. I ended up running a rather slow 18:45. I'll be in better shape later this year!

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge
June 23, 2011

I took today off work to rent a total station, drive to San Francisco, and take a few pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The photos below are a sample of the sorts of pictures I took. I plan to use one of these photos the cover of my book, which should be out later this year.

I hope people WILL judge my book by it's cover, because I tried hard for both. Both my book and the cover are going to be awesome!!!

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Car Show
June 19, 2011

Went to a car show in Concord with dad on Father's Day.



Thug Life
June 18, 2011

Certain neighborhoods in Rancho Cordova are rather shady. Gangsters like Kingpin Timmy J Booya (pictured below) are seen dressed in dark clothes with shades and weaponry.

Thug Life

Pizza Time
June 10, 2011

Recently I've been on a high for Raley's frozen pizza. The instructions say to cook the pizza before eating it. In the picture below I'm waiting for the piping hot Raley's pizza to finish cooking! If it looks like I have half a clue about what I'm doing, you're dead wrong.

Pizza Time

Jazz Festival
May 29, 2011

This evening I strolled through the Sacramento Jazz Festival in Old Sacramento. The place was hopping!

Lots of jazz music, and pot smoking. Horse-mounted police for crowd control at certain spots. And I got a great parking spot! Might go back tomorrow!

Jazz Festival

Kick of the Week
May 22, 2011

Today I submitted my unsolicited "Kick of the Week" video to FloTrack.

Flotrack is a website which provides track and field videos. Each week during track season, they feature a track race where the winner has a strong kick.

Before the actual rack footage this dude (below) does a frontside right roundhouse kick as in introduction to the race. You can view this video by clicking the first image below.

If you click the second image, you can watch my own version of the same kick with a little more air and some music. I drove to West Sacramento for a view overlooking the Sacramento River.

The Original: (click image to link to video)

Kick of the Week

The Timmy J Version: (click image to link to video)

Kick of the Week

Jetta's 10th Birthday!
May 21, 2011

This month my Jetta turns 10! Her name is Georgejetta. She's been an awesome car over the past decade. Thanks mom and dad!


Sock Mountain
May 15, 2011

Welcome to Sock Mountain! Instead of folding socks the normal way, why not build a mountain of socks? That's what I did. :)

The mountain pictured below includes 91 total socks. Most of them are pairs, but some of them are not. Sock Mountain ... Ah yea!

Sock Mountain

River Cats Fireworks
May 7, 2011

For Mother's Day, my parents and I went to the River Cats baseball game. I got a foul ball, baught a new hat, and saw the fireworks show after the game!

Tim With Ball

Post Game Fireworks

DWR Database
April 24, 2011

Recently at work I've been developing a database program in MS Access. It's formally called the California Department of Water Resources Emergency Contact Database. Kind of a lot of work to be doing without any help! But it's a good challenge nonetheless.

Main Switchboard

Contacts Section

Backend VBA

Resources Section

April 16, 2011

This afternoon I attended RomanceU. RomanceU is a seminar which goes into depth about finding, dating and keeping that special person in your life. This event is suitable for anyone!

From the seminar, I brought home a new book, a bottle of wine and a 2-dollar bill! If you want to learn more, click the image below. I might go to another event once the next one is announced.


Concrete Canoe
April 15, 2011

Today at lunch I headed over to watch concrete canoe racing at Natomas Reservoir, with a few coworkers. Various universities compete by constructing a concrete canoe and then all meeting somewhere to race. It's a design project which would only excite civil engineers.

Concrete Canoe by UC Davis
The concrete canoe by UC Davis

Canoe Cross-Section
This cross section shows the materials used to construct the canoe.

Race Start
Four canoes begin paddling to from left to right.

Race Half Way
Halfway through the race, the canoes turn around.

Working Again
April 14, 2011

In the past few weeks I learned that 3 of my close friends secured full time employment. Two of these people were unemployed, and the third was working as a temp and was offered a full time position. Nice work people!

7 Dwarves
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Work We Go!

April 8, 2011

This evening I completed constructing my first online survey.

By "online survey," I mean a small box on a website which receives votes and displays results. Having built comment boxes for a website, I thought building a survey would be easy. It was easy, except for prohibiting individuals from voting more than once.

This took some thought. I ended up recording every IP address which submitted a vote into a separate table. Then, whenever the page loads, the survey question would only display if the client's IP address hadn't already recorded a vote. Otherwise, the results would display. I love doing stuff like this, even if it's nerdy.

Survey Question    Survey Results

The survey is shown above. On the left you see the question and the choices. On the right are the results, which can only be viewed after voting. I voted for "Driving".

The image above is the actual size of the survey box, which can be viewed on this date at my new Optimal Graphics website. I'm using this survey as a test. I plan to add a survey to Engineering Videos later this month.

Kayaking at Natomas
April 3, 2011

This afternoon I went kayaking at Natomas Reservoir, just downstream of Folsom Lake. Despite a little wind, it was the perfect day.

Since I plan to be out of town next weekend, I wanted to get out and explore the Sac State Aquatic Center, which is where kayaks are rented. They rent a bunch of other stuff too. I was only out on the water for about an hour, but it seemed a lot longer than that.

Kayaking at Natomas

Kayaking at Natomas

Kayaking at Natomas

Kayaking at Natomas

Optimal Graphics
April 2, 2011

Today I'm launching a new website, OptimalGraphics.Net.

Optimal Graphics

This website explains basic everyday stuff in a complicated way. For example, the graphic below discusses how a bunch of leaves should be raked into a single pile located at the centroid of all the leaves being raked, in order to minimize total raking.

Raking Leaves

I plan to treat this website like a blog, and add an optimal graphic whenever I feel inspired to. Visitors to the website can also request optimal graphics be made.

Each optimal graphic will include an introduction, a graphic (or two), objectives, decision variables, and a discussion. I plan to keep a list of all optimal graphics on the Archive Page. Each graphic page also has a comment box at the bottom of the page.

I'm always open to suggestions about how to make the site better.
I can be contacted by email at: tim@optimalgraphics.net

Domain Search
March 25, 2011

When registering a new website domain, I've found the website InstantDomainSearch.Com fairly helpful.

Basically, you start typing a domain name, and the availability is shown below (green = available, red = not available.) The page updates with each change to the textbox. Also, you can view the different extensions, such as .com, .net, .org, and others.

In the image below, you can see that when I typed in TimFun, it showed that TimFun.com and TimFun.net were not avialable, but TimFun.org is available.

I'm shopping around for a new domain right now. Once the new site is up and running, I'll definitely post it on TimFun!

Domain Search

BlackEyed Dempseys
March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day! This evening I stopped by to hear the Irish rock music of BlackEyed Dempseys, who were playing at the Boxing Donkey, in Roseville. This was actually their third show of the day. I work with a guy named Keith, who plays in the band. It's hard to pass up a BlackEyed Dempseys show, especially on March 17th.

If you're in the Sacramento/Roseville/Folsom area, come see them play. Their schedule can be found on their Facebook fanpage. You can get a preview of them playing earlier this morning on the Good Day Sacramento Show.


Blackeyed Dempseys

Boxing Donkey

Northgate BBall
March 10, 2011

A few nights ago I went to a high school basketball game between Northgate and Antelope. It was part of the Division 2 State Championships. Northgate ended up losing, but on paper it looks like they had a good year overall.
Nice work guys!

NG Broncos

Midnight Soccer
March 5, 2011

Last night / this morning I played some indoor soccer. I haven't played soccer is about 15 years, so I was a little rusty. But it was really fun. Today I'm limping around because I tweaked my knee. I hope it's better by next weekend. The games were kind of late. It started at 11:30 p.m., and went until 1:30 a.m. Nice!

midnight soccer

TT Deluxe
February 27, 2011

I gave Turbo Tax a try for the first time year. Not bad. My "Audit Risk" is low.

TT Box

Audit Risk

Hail Yea!
February 25, 2011

This afternoon we experienced a short hail storm in Rancho. I took a picture just after it stopped with my phone, from inside the office. You can sort of see the white spots on the ground.


BDay Magic
February 14, 2011

Today I turn 28. Booya. I posted a few random BDay pictures below.

Front Door to 148
My most excellent neighbor and friend fixed up my front door! Nice!

Here's a fuzzy picture with a new electronics toy, which begins with an "i".

Piggy Bank Booya
A up-close view of the Timmy J Booya piggy bank.

FB profile pic
A custom FB profile pic, just for today.

Lions and Tigers and Jaguars!
February 13, 2011

"Wildcats" is the current theme of my living room. I have some posters up on the wall, including the poster of baby tigers shown below. I might go a step further with a wild cat blanket or rug. We'll see. I might change to a new theme later, but for now, the theme is wildcats!

Baby Tigers

The OTHER TimFun!
February 8, 2011

Over the past couple weeks I've been bombarded with offers to purchase the domain name: timfun.com

Take note, this blog is currently hosted at timfun.net. Since my name and info was listed in the WhoIs domain registry, a bunch of hosting agencies must have thought I absolutely need timfun.com. After clicking around some, the lowest offer I've seen yet has been $95 - which is laughable.

But better yet, today at work I got a call from a 303 area code asking if I wanted to purchase timfun.com for $395!!! [Rolling around on floor, kicking feet]

On a more serious note, I might purchase the domain name at the same price I bought timfun.net for, which was about, $10.

TimFun.Net    TimFun.Com

Paint It Brown
February 7, 2011

I finally constructed a dresser for my bedroom, but not before painting it brown. This particular dresser was the perfect size, just the wrong color. It came in black, grey, and salmon. Salmon? I know whatever. So I bought the grey dresser and painted it brown, because brown/tan in the color theme of my bedroom right now. It came out pretty good. :)

Pieces of Dresser Being Painted Brown

Dresser After Constructed

Mills College
January 29, 2011

Today I went on a self-guided tour of Mills College in Oakland. Beautiful campus. I had to give the guard the secret handshake before he would let me by, lol.

Music Hall





Pre Turns 60
January 25, 2011

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."
Steve Prefontiane

Today marks the 60th Birthday of famous American distance runner, Steve Prefontaine. The kid from Coos Bay, Oregon, was the nation's top distance runner of his time, at Marshfield High School, and later at the University of Oregon. As a college student, he finished 4th in the 10k, at the 1972 Munich Games, at the age of 21. Sadly, he died 3 years later at the age of 24, in an auto accident.

During Pre's 50th Birthday, I hung a huge poster of Pre at my high school. Today I post this blog, and I went running, twice. I'm still a pre fan. I even have a "Go Pre" shirt. Long live the memory of Steve Prefontaine.

Steve Prefontaine
This is probably the most famous image of Steve Prefontiane.

Steve Prefontaine
This is an image of Pre during his last race.

Pre's Rock
"Pre's Rock" is a memorial to Steve, the the location of the crash.

100 Videos
January 20, 2011

One of my goals for the year 2011 is to create 100 Engineering Videos. This comes out to approximately 2 videos per week. This may be a bit of a stretch if I'm working full time and trying to have a social life, lol.

100 Videos

In 2011, I plan to add more videos in existing topics (eg. more statics problems), add new topics to existing subjects (eg. add a 'Hydrostatic Pressure' topic to the 'Water Resources' subject), and add entirely new subjects.

I also plan to step up the marketing, which includes printed brochures, a promotional "businesss trip" so southern California, and improved network affiliations with similar websites.

I'm also flirting with the idea of writing a book. More details to come ...

Davis Job Fair
January 12, 2011

Today I spend a couple hours at the UC Davis Engineering Job fair. The event was "only for UC Davis students" but they let me in after I gave them the secret handshake. This event was a "Who's Who" of engineering firms, and definitely worth going to, despite the crowds.

Davis Job Fair Outside

Davis Job Fair Inside

Jazzy Cats
January 9, 2011

This afternoon I attended the Jazzy Cats cat show at the Exposition Center in Sacramento. This place had a lot of cats. Not only that, but the cat owners would dress up in "cat attire." It was weird. I am a cat fan, but THAT kind of cat fan. One guy I talked to came from Denver! This was actually a 2-day event.

There were also lots of kittens, because one of the judging categories was 4 to 8 month olds. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to certain types of cats and had to leave after about an hour. But I'd enjoyed the event. They could have had some cat music playing the background. I think "Eye of the Tiger" would have been a good fit.

Jazzy Cats

Jazzy Cats

Jazzy Cats

Jazzy Cats

Jazzy Cats

January 5, 2011

This evening I attended a business mixer in Sacramento, which I heard about through meetup.com. The event lasted about 2 hours and included lots of advice about starting a business, marketing, writing books, and public speaking. There were about 40 high powered people in the room, with great ideas, and even better charisma. I really felt connected to this group of people because they were all interested in those topics: public speaking, writing books and entrepreneurship. I can't wait for next month's meeting!


Meetup Logo

Current Entries